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There was an episode where somebody- Sam, I think- quoted a member of the Constitutional Convention on how, if a Bill of Rights guaranteed certain rights, some fool from the future would think those were the only rights that were guaranteed. I think the person he was quoting was a representative from Georgia, but I can't remember the person's name, the episode, or enough of the quote that any searches are producing anything. Can anybody help, at least with what episode I should watch to find it?
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Climate change - NPC

Hi people, I need your help. I know this isn't West Wing but this community has been really quiet recently anyway. I decided to create a new meme, with a conscience! Please do it and put the image on your blog, fave message boards, tell your friends.

I CHALLENGE you all to change three of your lightbulbs from normal to energy saving lightbulbs. If one million people do this, it saves the same amount of carbon dioxide as taking **70,000** cars off the road. 1 million people may sound a lot, but think of the number of people who use live journal, my space and the rest of the internet - it's a tiny percentage!

Once you have done this please display this image on your blog/website/signature:

Feel free to link to it on my photobucket server (http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y298/flamingredgirl/climatechange/climatechange.gif) but if you have your own, please save it to yours since 1 million people will be a bit much for photobucket.

Why is this important? America currently uses the resources of 4 planets each year. On October 9th we reached a point of having used up all the resources the earth can produce in a year - we are in our climate overdraft. The fee is that when Greenland or the polar icecaps begin to melt, sea level will rise by 20 feet. Billions of people will die - we will still be here! Climate change is big but you can help with small things and little effort:

Change your lightbulbs
Take the bus, train or bike to work
Switch off your computer and TV when not using them, instead of leaving them on standby. A TV on standby uses almost as much electricity as one that you are watching.
Recycle more
Use a colder wash
Watch "An Inconvenient Truth" - it's amazing, inspiring and terrifying
Tell your politicians that you care about climate change and they need to do something about it for your vote! (http://www.writetothem.com/ for the UK)
Pass this on!

Please do this - we can make a difference!

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OK, I've even asked this question before but it was a few years ago, so forgive me:

There is an epsiode... 1st season? 2nd season? Where Toby is talking to a woman about the NEA, and Sam walks in, and she tells him about a guy who destroyed his possessions in front of a starbucks in bucks county or somewhere like that, and sam says "I've done that before, I didn't realize there was funding available."

What epsiode is it, if you please! Thanks so much.
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Due to the latest spoilers regarding the direction season seven is taking, a fellow Wingnut has designed this petition to bring Aaron Sorkin back for the final days of the Bartlet Administration. There have been rumors that he's supposedly talked about writing Jed's farewell, but no substantial discussion between him, NBC, WB, and/or Wells & Co. has been leaked to the press. So, in case it makes any difference at all to those making the decisions, please add your name to this petition! Once there are enough names, it'll be sent to TPTB. Thank you.

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West Wing RPG

This comm is PERFECT to inform you allk of this since we ALL wish the show would get back to the good ol' days. Here's your opportunity...

I've just created a West Wing RPG on livejournal, but it has a tiny twist--Know how the show started 8 months into the first administration? Well here, it begins when Bartlet is nominated for his FIRST election, so we see a LITTLE of the campaign, of elections, and his first inaguration, and through there. So we will begin in 1998 West Wing time. However, any character info revealed in ANY episdoe is fair game for canon HERE.

Taken: Donna, CJ, Sam, Josh, Bartlet, Abbey

Needed Before We Can Begin: Leo, Toby -- If you can find a plausible way to bring Will Bailey and other characters that weren't introduced until later seasons, more power to you! They ARE welcome!

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Sweetness :)

Ok, so i'm watching 'H Con - 172' and the part where Amy kisses Josh on the steps in the snow is one of the most heartfelt, warmest and best shot moments of the show (i think) So it leads me to pose the question on here?

*whats your favorite character-to-character moment?

Examples: Jed giving Leo the "bartlet for America" napkin for christmas; Toby and Sam's final shots at the bar in California; Danny and the goldfish?

Just an interesting thought :)
it won't have to rhyme.


brand new to the communtiy, brand new to The West Wing. I watched the entire first season in about two weeks, and am now about halfway through the second season. great show. love Josh, and Toby is my hero.

so this was just a little lame post to say hi.
CJ&Gail -hnix

The Short List

Gail! It's so cute when Danny gives CJ Gail-- "The crackers, Danny. The cheese things you have at a party?" Lol. CJ makes him feel bad but then gives him a kiss on the cheek and all is well. :)

Allison Janney's laugh is so infectious.

My other favorite parts of this episode:
-Josh and CJ on the phone in the very beginning where they're dancing and rejoicing... hehe
-Sam and Josh's chest bump
-Josh: I really think if big chunks of ceiling are gonna fall on anyone... I don’t know...
Donna: What?
Josh: It should be you.
Donna: Ugh. I knew you were gonna say that.
Josh: From now on, before I come in in the morning, I want you to test my office.
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